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Why Do we Work?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

While reading “The Evening News” by Arthur Hailey one thought crossed my mind. When a journalist working for one newspaper leaves that newspaper and joins another one he does not change his religion. He continues to do his job – collecting news and reporting.

The thought crossed my mind - is it true in case of people working in Red Hat. To take it to more general level what do we do when we change jobs from one IT company to another company.

I tried to answer the later question first.

Our job, as a sales person, is similar to a journalist job. Here we bring the information about one company, its products and services to the users. We are doing the job of a facilitator. The nature of, features of products and services keep changing.

But then, can we apply this in case of people working in Red Hat and going to work for other companies.

My answer is no. From Red Hat we not only communicate the features of product and services but we actually propagate the values and beliefs of opensource. Unless we start believing in its core values, the way of software development, the belief in its “openness” we would not be really successful.

In such case, can we go out and join the other companies who stand anti-thesis of this entire model. If we have to do that we need to change the religion – in a way of changing our beliefs. If you are ready for that go ahead.

What are the ways we can continue to work to represent these beliefs and values but for different products and services? The only option is to look for companies in the same space. Do you have many options? Check it out for yourself.

If one works at RH just as any other professional without understanding and believing the values of open source, chances are that that person would have short life at RH and he would be as unhappy as in any other company. In such cases, he is either working for the manager or for plain simple money factor. Such person would leave the company the moment he is not happy with the manager or the monetory conditions.

We all have to ask this question to ourselves. Why do we work at a particular place?

Is it because we like the people around

Is it because the manager is good

Is it because the company provides good facilities

All the above conditions are subjected to change and how long can we work for such external factors.

I have been brought up to look at reasons to work beyond place and person. Because place (the conditions) change, the people and their behavior change. We need to have some principal in life that remains as steady and as guiding as a lighthouse, come what may.

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